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Showcasing published Australian research on diabetes-related foot disease. All entries available focus on diabetes-related foot disease, are peer reviewed, and one of the authors has an Australian affiliation.

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Posted 4 years ago

Authors: Clarke,P.;Leal,J.;Kelman,C.;Smith,M.;Colagiuri,S. Publication: Value in health : the journal of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Year: 2008 Volume: 11 Issue: 2 Start Page: 199 ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVES: To estimate Australian...

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Posted 4 years ago

Authors:  Barber,C.;Watt,A.;Pham,C.;Humphreys,K.;Penington,A.;Mutimer,K.;Edwards,M.;Maddern,G. Publication: Journal of Wound Care Year: 2008 Volume: 17 Issue: 12 Start Page: 517 ABSTRACT: This systematic review indicates that bioengineered skin substitutes with a dermal component may improve healing...

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Posted 4 years ago

Authors: Tan,D.;Rajanayagam,J.;Schwarz,F. Publication: The Australian Journal of Rural Health Year: 2007 Volume: 15 Issue: 4 Start Page: 275

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Posted 4 years ago

Authors: Smith,C.;Kumar,S.;Causby,R. Publication: International journal of evidence-based healthcare Year: 2007 Volume: 5 Issue: 4 Start Page: 437 ABSTRACT: Background: Charcot neuropathic osteoarthropathy is commonly known as 'Charcot foot'. It is a serious...

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Posted 4 years ago

Authors: McLennan,S.;McGill,M.;Twigg,S. M.;Yue,D. K. Publication: Expert Review of Endocrinology and Metabolism Year: 2007 Volume: 2 Issue: 2 Start Page: 205 ABSTRACT: The prevalence of diabetes is increasing worldwide and has been forecasted...

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Posted 4 years ago

Authors: Jessup,R. L.;Spring,A. A.;Grollo,A. Publication: Australian Health Review : A Publication of the Australian Hospital Association Year: 2007 Volume: 31 Issue: 2 Start Page: 217 ABSTRACT: A retrospective audit of client histories...

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Posted 4 years ago

Authors: Bowen,K. Publication: Australian Prescriber Year: 2007 Volume:  30 Issue: 1 Start Page: 21 ABSTRACT: Foot infections are a significant cause of morbidity for patients with diabetes and if left untreated can...

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Posted 4 years ago

Authors: Bailie,R.;Si,D.;Dowden,M.;O'Donoghue,L.;Connors,C.;Robinson,G.;Cunningham,J.;Weeramanthri,T. Publication: BMC health services research Year: 2007 Volume: 7 Start Page: 67 ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Indigenous Australians experience disproportionately high prevalence of, and morbidity and mortality from diabetes. There is an...

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Posted 4 years ago

Authors: Ogrin,R.;Sands,A. Publication: Australian Family Physician Year: 2006 Volume: 36 Issue: 6 Start Page: 419 ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Diabetes has long been associated with increased risk of foot ulceration and lower extremity amputation....

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Posted 4 years ago

Authors: Nube,V. L.;Molyneaux,L.;Yue,D. K. Publication: Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association Year: 2006 Volume: 96 Issue: 3 Start Page: 189 ABSTRACT: In this study of people with diabetes mellitus and peripheral...

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