Leading the way with conference and events to promote and maintain national visibility across of sectors of diabetes-related foot health and disease. To learn more about the DFA 2021 Conference Partnership opportunities please email us at [email protected]

A little about us

Diabetes Feet Australia operates as an organisation, as part of the Australian Diabetes Society's (ADS) stable of national diabetes clinical and research programs. We have engaged with multiple partner organisations across Australia to create a national body for patients suffering diabetes-related foot health and disease. A multidisciplinary approach to the diabetes-related foot patient is critical to delivery of a gold standard of treatment. We advocate a coordinated approach by health professionals, researchers, government & industry as critical to the achievement our vision of ending avoidable amputations in a generation.

Diabetes Feet Australia is led by a national multi-disciplinary steering committee, chaired by Dr Pete Lazzarini. The committee is comprised of a broad range of clinical, research and industry diabetic foot disease experts from disciplines such as endocrinology, vascular surgery, podiatry, nursing, epidemiology, clinical research and biochemical research. Members also bring a wealth of experience from representing on international, national and state diabetes-related foot groups, including the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot and former national diabetes-related foot disease group the Australian Diabetic Foot Network.  On the 1st July 2018, we joined the Australian Diabetes Society's (ADS) stable of national diabetes clinical and research programs.

Sponsorship and partnership opportunities

Diabetes Feet Australia provides your organisation with unique opportunities to showcase your brand to an audience of future-focused health professionals and researchers with significant influence over the Australian clinical treatment and research sectors.

We offer educational events to delegates in the clinical treatment and research domains across endocrinology, vascular surgery, general practice, orthopaedics, podiatry, nursing, pedorthics and other specialties dealing with the diabetes-related foot. Their decisions are critical to the products and services utilised by diabetes-related foot patients nationally. After two successful national conferences in 2017 & 2019, we've just launched our 2021 conference with a range of partnership opportunities available.

Based on our 2018-2022 national strategy for diabetes-related foot disease, we also develop education guidelines, programs, deliver campaigns, and focus on research. To learn more about future partnership opportunities please contact us directly at [email protected] 

2021 Partnership Projects

Webinar series MC v1.0

DFA and ADS, in partnership with URGO are delivering a 6-part educational webinar series and developing a 'digital decision-making app' to support the soon to be released 2021 Australian guidelines for diabetes-related foot disease. Developed for the first time in a decade, the new Australian evidence-based DFD guidelines should serve as the new national multidisciplinary best practice standards of care for the provision of DFD care within Australia. These implementation initiatives are designed to help busy multi-disciplinary health professionals use guideline-recommended DFD care at any time and place and with the person with DFU right there in front of them.

why partner with us?

  • Participate at our innovative events and conferences featuring international and national leaders at the forefront of diabetic foot disease

  • Connect with future-focused health professionals and researchers with significant influence over the Australian clinical treatment and research sectors

  • Experience direct interaction with the people who operate in the clinical treatment and research domains who buy, develop and recommend your products and services

  • Gain exposure and promotion through our extensive social and professional networks 

  • Choose from a range of partnership options through to advertising and branding opportunities that drive your company message home

  • Align with national and international leaders in diabetic foot disease in a way that reflects your brand positioning

previous Events

dfa2019 tile

DFA 2019

At DFA 2019, we combined key elements of the 2019 International Symposium with a down under practical focus. Our workshop sessions incorporated case studies, “what’s new” in practice and an interactive back-to-basics approach, all designed to spark interesting conversation from all perspectives. By the end of the two days, our aim was for our delegates and partners to leave inspired, with practical information that can be used in your day-to-day practice. 

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What's New 2018

2018 'What's new in DFU' series

We hosted this premier event series in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to learn about the latest research, evidence-based practice and new technologies.

  • Professor Keith Harding discussed “New horizons in the  management of diabetic foot disease”
  • Featured an interactive workshop with Keith, Bill and Paul “Case Studies: Approaching difficult cases”
  • Dr Pete Lazzarini/Dr Byron Perrin launched the "2018 Australian Guideline on Footwear for people with diabetes" just published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research.
  • Associate Professor Paul Wraight & Dr Bill McGuiness presented“ Explorer Study Results” URGO's  greatly anticipated randomised clinical trial in neuro-ischaemic DFU wounds.
dfa conf

DFA 2017

Held on the Gold Coast, the DFA Conference 2017 program boasted national and international key note speakers, Plenary sessions and interactive workshops. Multi-disciplinary topics covered all areas of diabetic foot disease including clinical practice and scientific evidence are included in the program.

Over two days at the QT Gold Coast Hotel, our delegates enjoyed the latest in research and practice, and met with industry partners offering the latest products and services. Our social program included an official welcome and registration event, an interactive conference dinner along with fantastic 'Meet the Expert' workshops led by our international speakers.

what's new 2017

What's new in DFU

Following the successful 2016 sold out event, we hosted an exclusive evening to hear ‘What’s new in DFU’ from the world’s best in diabetes-related foot disease research, clinical treatment and technology.

This education event featured renowned international researcher Dr Sicco Bus, alongside national experts’ Dr Pete Lazzarini, Ms Fiona Murray and Dr John Bingley.

Dr Sicco Bus presented arguably the best diabetic foot article published in the New England Journal of Medicine entitled “Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Their Recurrence”. An exceptional review of the best strategies to prevent DFU recurrence and extend “DFU remission”.

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'What's new in DFU' webinar

This special webinar, was ideal for our rural and remote supporters featured Professor Keith Harding and Dr Jaap van Netten.

During this 2 hour event, our guest speakers provided attendees with the opportunity to learn more about the best treatments, technologies and practice – right from the comfort of their own home, with a live feed from DFA HQ and included a valuable 15 minute Q&A session.

Adelaide 2016

What's new in DFU

Featuring internationally renowned diabetes-related foot expert, Dr David Armstrong (USA), we hosted this exclusive event to hear ‘What’s new in diabetes-related foot ulcers (DFU)’ from the world’s best in diabetes-related foot disease research, clinical treatment and technology.

Held at Tonsley, Australia’s first innovation district in a vibrant and dynamic environment in Adelaide, this special event included our keynote speaker Dr David Armstrong (US), internationally acclaimed diabetes-related foot disease expert from the United States.

what's new Melbourne 2016s

What's new in DFU

Featuring Dr Sicco Bus,  Dr Jaap van Netten and Dr Breda Cullen,  we hosted this exclusive event to hear ‘What’s new in diabetes-related foot ulcers (DFU)’ from the world’s best in DFD research, clinical treatment and technology.

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s creative and innovative hub; Story Hall offered the perfect backdrop to update our delegates on the latest cutting edge research, treatments, technologies and practice in diabetes-related foot disease.

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What's New in DFU Brisbane 2016

'What's new in DFU' Brisbane

“What’s New in DFU”, was a sell-out event at QUT‘s Room 360 in Brisbane. Delegates included allied health professionals, medical specialists and researchers, all excited to hear the latest from a number of DFA’s vast network of experts. The opportunity to network with international and national speakers was very well received. Our Industry partners, who supported the event, were pleased to engage with new customers and contacts at their trade displays and enjoyed the selection of quality speakers.

our focus

Optimise national diabetic foot disease evidence-based clinical practice


national diabetes-related foot disease evidence-based clinical practice

Stimulate national diabetic foot disease clinical research


national diabetes-related foot disease clinical research

Reduce Australia's national diabetes amputation rate


Australia's national diabetes amputation rate

Empower Australia to become a leading nation in diabetic foot disease management


Australia to become a leading nation in diabetes-related foot health and disease management