DFA Guides You Through: all the latest research from 2016-2017

A key objective of DFA is supporting health professionals to improve clinical and quality of life outcomes for people with diabetic foot disease, and providing diabetic foot researchers with the infrastructure to accelerate high quality research. One method to achieve these aims is the “DFA Guides You Through” series. In this series, DFA summarizes and translates important diabetic foot disease research topics to help support clinicians and researchers.

The current “DFA Guides You Through” document, which is part of our Diabetes Week 2017 actions, discusses the latest scientific and clinical developments in diabetic foot disease. Since Diabetes Week 2016, we have seen a great variety of developments. Keeping track of what is out there and finding the time to read it seems a near impossible job at times. We therefore “guide you through” the most important developments between July 2016 and July 2017.

Download here the DFA Guides You Through: This Year’s Research in Diabetic Foot Disease.