DFA Guides You Through: Forecasted savings to Australia with evidence-based diabetic foot care

As we discussed in the previous “DFA Guides You Through”, a robust estimation of the full burden of a disease is the backbone behind any good health campaign. We therefore discussed all statistics and estimates behind the current burden of diabetes-related foot disease (DFD).

But that only shows what the burden is today – how about tomorrow?

While it is hard to predict the future, in our Australian diabetes-related foot disease strategy 2018-2022 we forecasted what can happen to this burden when we invest in implementing evidence-based care throughout Australia (1). We forecasted Australia would save each year:

  • 11,000 hospitalisations: That’s 400 Australians not needing to be in hospital tonight
  • 2,000 amputations: That’s nearly 6 Australians not needing an amputation today
  • 760 lives: That’s 2 Australians not dying because of DFD today
  • $550million: That’s $1.5million not being spent by Australian taxpayers on DFD today

We know what you are probably thinking: where did this come from, how did they do this and are these forecasts accurate? So sit back and relax as it’s time for another “DFA Guides You Through”.