New Infection Research coming to DFA 2019

A new study published in the leading infectious diseases journal has suggested we need to revise the international (IDSA/IWGDF) diabetic foot infection (DFI) classification system to include osteomyelitis.

The study – led by DFA 2019 Keynote Speaker Professor Larry Lavery – investigated the outcomes of 294 patients with moderate or severe DFI. They found those with osteomyelitis had much worse outcomes than those with soft tissue infection only.

The authors recommend that consideration be given to revising the current international DFI classification system categories (of uninfected, mild, moderate and severe infection) to uninfected, mild soft tissue infection, moderate/severe soft tissue infection and moderate/severe bone infection.

Considering the IDSA/IWGDF DFI classification system has just been re-endorsed for use in the new IWGDF DFI guidelines – and Prof Lavery is an author of those guidelines as well – this paper has made for very interesting global debate in DFI circles.

And if you’ve always wanted to see one of those global debates, then register fast for DFA 2019 as Prof Lavery, Prof Eric Senneville, Dr Matt Malone – all IWGDF DFI guideline authors – along with Dr Sarah Coghill and Dr Rob Commons will be talking just that and more in The Infection Session at DFA 2019.