What factors influence adults with diabetes to adopt smart shoe insole technology?

New Aussie Research on smart insole technology coming to DFA 2019

Our patients’ attitudes and beliefs about how effective smart insole technology will be used to prevent foot ulcers predicted their intention to use such technology.

This fascinating study – led by Dr Emma Macdonald and Dr Byron Perrin from La Trobe University – is one of the first to explore our patient’s barriers and enablers to using new smart insole technology.

They performed focus groups and surveys on 53 diabetes patients and found the best predictors of our patient’s intentions to use smart insole technology was their general attitude and self-efficacy, plus how clinically effective they thought it would be and the effort needed to use the technology.

They recommend that researchers and clinicians consider these key psychological factors when prescribing such smart technologies to their diabetic foot patients in future

With these smart technologies fast coming into clinical practice, who better to ask about how to engage our patients to use them then Dr Emma Macdonald herself when she presents her next paper on this topic as just one of 22 high-quality oral presentations in The Abstract Sessions at DFA 2019.

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