Australian Diabetes-Related Foot Disease Strategy 2018-2022

Introducing the “Australian Diabetes-Related Foot Disease Strategy 2018-2022”

One of DFA’s key activities to achieve its goal and objectives is the establishment of a national strategy to guide Australia’s efforts toward reducing the burden of diabetes-related foot disease (DFD) in this country.

This Strategy was written by Diabetes Feet Australia with input from various national and state peak bodies, interdisciplinary foot disease services and individual experts from the Australian diabetic foot disease (DFD) community. The aggregated feedback and DFA’s response can be found here 

In the Strategy, we describe three priorities to be addressed for people with, or at-risk of, DFD:

  1. Access to affordable and effective care
  2. Provision of safe quality care
  3. Research and development to improve patient outcomes

Nine goals are formulated within these priorities, each with their potential areas for action and measures to keep track of their progress. We look forward to the uptake of this strategy, and monitoring the positive steps the Australian DFD community will take on the pathway towards ending avoidable amputations in a generation.

Download the Australian Diabetes-Related Foot Disease Strategy 2018-2022