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Dr Randall Wolcott M.D. (U.S.A.)
Workshop:  Wound Infections from bench to bedside
Plenary: Is there a place for DNA sequencing technology in clinical practice?

Professor Bijan Najafi PhD, MSc.(U.S.A)
Workshop: Measuring offloading to improve prescribed offloading devices
Plenary: Can’t stand the pressure:monitoring and understanding offloading & activity
Plenary: Offloading Technology in Clinical Practice

Professor Nicolaas Schaper,  M.D., PhD (Netherlands)
Workshop: Charcot’s – Diagnosis to Treatment
Plenary: International Diabetic Foot Burden & Guidelines

Dr Jaap van Netten,  PhD (Netherlands)
Workshop: Measuring offloading to improve prescribed offloading devices
Plenary: New technologies to improve offloading and healing outcomes

Dr Venu Bhamidipaty,  MBBS., FRACS (New Zealand) 
Workshop: Requesting & interpreting vascular investigations: now & new horizons
Plenary: What is the evidence for below knee percutaneous intervention?

Dr Andrew Hill,  M.D., ChB., FRACS (New Zealand) 
Workshop: Requesting & interpreting vascular investigations: now & new horizons
Plenary: What are the early & mid-term results of open revascularisation? Have we moved too far in adopting endovascular technologies


Vascular: Requesting and interpreting vascular investigations: now and new horizons

Featuring international experts Dr Andrew Hill and Dr Venu Bhamidipaty with Prof Rob Fitridge and Dr Samantha Iannella, this workshop includes a clinical presentation of the Diabetic Foot: Vascular and WIfI Assessment and vascular imaging and intervention of diabetic foot disease.

Biomechanics: Measuring offloading to improve prescribed offloading devices

Featuring international expert Dr Jaap van Netten (NL) and Prof Bijan Najafi (USA), this workshop provides the scientific background behind the technologies to measure biomechanics and offloading of diabetic foot wounds. The goal is to give participants hands-on experience with some of the most important technologies and direct access to expertise from around the world.

Wound Infections: From bench to bedside

Featuring international expert Dr Randall Wolcott and Matt Malone, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn all about Wound Infections from bench to bedside. This interactive workshop will explain next generation DNA sequencing technology, strengths and weakness and why conventional culture is limited. We will use a case  study to identify how DNA sequencing maybe used and show how things may look in the future.

Charcot’s: Diagnosis to Treatment 

Featuring international expert Professor Nicolaas Schaper and Associate Professor Paul Wraight, this workshop features investigations to help differentiate Charcot’s Neuroarthropathy from other destructive foot complications, such as osteomyelitis. With a focus on Case Studies to guide health professionals through the latest investigation & management pathways.


Sunday Night: 

Once you have registered you are free to join your colleagues on the Calypso Deck for our Official Welcome Event, which includes drinks and canapes. The Calypso Deck is the perfect place to enjoy the cool Queensland evening breezes and magnificent colours of sunset.

Monday Night: 

Enjoy an unforgettable evening with top chefs manning four live and interactive culinary stations. This is the perfect opportunity to meet and mingle with the diabetic foot community from around the world.

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