Diabetic Foot Disease: a silent killer among diabetics (video)

Diabetes Feet Australia’s Pete Lazzarini and Dr Jaap van Netten discuss with Channel 9 News Brisbane new data on the devastating impact of diabetic foot hospitalisations in Australia.

Mr Lazzarini led the Australian-first study published in BMJ Open finding one in every 22 patients in our hospitals have active diabetic foot disease. The study found there are 27,600 hospitalisations each year caused by diabetic foot disease in Australia costing annually $350 million for hospitalisation alone.

Glenn Wilson, a man with Diabetes from Albany Creek QLD, knows only too well the value of early intervention. Glenn said his diabetes wasn’t well managed and he remembers his feet being so cold and had no idea it was a sign of foot disease. Now, Glenn says he is empowered. He has regular check-ups with his GP and a multi-disciplinary diabetic foot team.

Mr Lazzarini, and the expert team from Diabetes Feet Australia, are advocating for a national multi-disciplinary approach to help end avoidable hospitalisation and amputation from diabetic foot disease.