Pathway to ending avoidable diabetes-related amputations in Australia

A PERSPECTIVE published today by the Medical Journal of Australia, tackles Australia’s least known major health problem – diabetic foot disease.  

It is Australia’s leading cause of amputation, and we have the second highest diabetes-related amputation rate among OECD countries, with the authors, led by Dr Peter Lazzarini, co-Chair of Diabetes Feet Australia, saying that was “partially attributed to the lack of coordinated interdisciplinary DFD services in Australia”.

Diabetes Feet Australia has recently launched the Australian diabetes-related foot disease strategy 2018–2022: the first step towards ending avoidable amputations within a generation. The strategy outlines nine key recommendations which “should put Australia firmly on an evidence-based pathway”.

Lazzarini and colleagues called on “Australian health professionals, researchers and governments to finally act. Investments in this plan should ensure not only a significant financial return on investment to the health budget but, more importantly, save the limbs and lives of Australians.”

Here at DFA, we look forward to the uptake of this strategy, and monitoring the positive steps the Australian DFD community takes on the pathway towards ending avoidable amputations in a generation. With diabetic foot disease now a leading global condition when it comes to numbers of people affected, doctors’ visits, hospital admissions, amputations, death and now disability, it is well and truly over-time for everyone to put feet first

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Download the Australian diabetes-related foot disease strategy 2018-2022

Download the Australian diabetes-related foot disease strategy 2018-2022 infographic

CREDIT: The Medical Journal of Australia is a publication of the Australian Medical Association.