Assessment and management of diabetic foot complications with modern pedorthics

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Authors: Dower G.
Publication: Sonography
Year: 2017
Volume:  4
Supplement: 1
Start Page: 26


Diabetic foot complications including Charcot’s neuroarthropathy and foot ulceration create a complex and expensive problem worldwide, with chronic wounds costing the Australian health system $2.85 billion annually. Many musculoskeletal sonographers will assess patients with early Charcot’s foot that require podiatry intervention and custom-made footwear to relieve pressure and shearing forces, accommodate and support deformities, and limit joint motion. With approximately 30 man hours to build a custom orthopaedic shoe, the costs associated with this essential part of the multidisciplinary approach are not insignificant. Medical innovation has dramatically changed the Allied Health landscape over the past few decades, and new technology introduced to practitioners has greatly improved the speed, accuracy and efficacy of service delivery, thereby reducing treatment costs. This presentation will introduce a modern approach using podiatry and pedorthic 3D scanners, software and automation to bypass traditional methods of creating custom footwear, which will also include wearable technology to evaluate treatment outcomes.

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  • Author/s: Dower G.
  • Publication: Sonography
  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 4
  • Issue: 1
  • Start Page: 26
  • Article Keywords: automation, clinical article, health care delivery, human, landscape, physician, podiatry, shoe, software, velocity