Foot Complications in a Representative Australian Inpatient Population

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Authors: Lazzarini P.A., Hurn S.E., Kuys S.S., Kamp M.C., Ng V., Thomas C., Jen S., Wills J., Kinnear E.M., D’Emden M.C., Reed L.F.
Publication: Journal of Diabetes Research
Year:  2017
Volume:  2017
Article Number: 4138095


We investigated the prevalence and factors independently associated with foot complications in a representative inpatient population (adults admitted for any reason with and without diabetes). We analysed data from the Foot disease in inpatients study, a sample of 733 representative inpatients. Previous amputation, previous foot ulceration, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), peripheral neuropathy (PN), and foot deformity were the foot complications assessed. Sociodemographic, medical, and foot treatment history were collected.

Overall, 46.0% had a foot complication with 23.9% having multiple; those with diabetes had higher prevalence of foot complications than those without diabetes (p<0.01). Previous amputation (4.1%) was independently associated with previous foot ulceration, foot deformity, cerebrovascular accident, and past surgeon treatment (p<0.01). Previous foot ulceration (9.8%) was associated with PN, PAD, past podiatry, and past nurse treatment (p<0.02). PAD (21.0%) was associated with older age, males, indigenous people, cancer, PN, and past surgeon treatment (p<0.02). PN (22.0%) was associated with older age, diabetes, mobility impairment, and PAD (p<0.05). Foot deformity (22.4%) was associated with older age, mobility impairment, past podiatry treatment, and PN (p<0.01). Nearly half of all inpatients had a foot complication. Those with foot complications were older, male, indigenous, had diabetes, cerebrovascular accident, mobility impairment, and other foot complications or past foot treatment.

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  • Author/s: Lazzarini P.A., Hurn S.E., Kuys S.S., Kamp M.C., Ng V., Thomas C., Jen S., Wills J., Kinnear E.M., D'Emden M.C., Reed L.F.
  • Publication: Journal of Diabetes Research
  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 2017
  • Start Page: Article Number: 4138095
  • Article Keywords: adult, aged, article, Australian, cerebrovascular accident, chronic kidney failure, controlled study, depression, diabetes mellitus, disease association, dyslipidemia, female, foot amputation, foot malformation, heart infarction, hospital patient, human, hypertension, indigenous people, major clinical study, male, malignant neoplasm, medical history, peripheral neuropathy, peripheral occlusive artery disease, podiatry, prevalence, secondary analysis, smoking, social status, very elderly