Perception of social support in individuals living with a diabetic foot: A qualitative study

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Authors: Palaya J, Pearson S, Nash T.

Publication: Diabetes research and clinical practice

Year: 2018


To explore the perception of social support in individuals living with a diabetic foot in order to influence future service delivery in management of similar individuals.


A purposive sample of eight participants with a diabetic foot were recruited from a public podiatry service in Tasmania, Australia. A hermeneutic phenomenology qualitative approach was used with individual semi-structured interviews conducted using an interview guide designed to gain insight into five pre-determined measures of social support. Hybrid thematic analysis was used to produce the final results.


Five clusters of themes emerged; emotional self-efficacy, isolation and stress; transport needs linked to physical or social functioning; perception of social support from health professionals; reciprocal support including health professionals facilitating support and financial support.


The findings have major implications for three broad areas; recognition and management of psychosocial well-being, the need for patient centred care approaches and inclusion and equity in health care and society. Adopting measures that are informed by these findings in current day management practices will complement the existing body of evidence on addressing factors for developing and treating ulceration.

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  • Author/s: Palaya J, Pearson S, Nash T.
  • Publication: Diabetes research and clinical practice
  • Year: 2018
  • Article Keywords: Diabetic complications; Diabetic foot; Diabetic foot ulcer; Psychosocial support systems; Social suppor