South West Sydney group announces $2.25 million grant to tackle diabetic foot disease

South Western Sydney Local Health District recently announced the awarding of a $2.25 million grant for the creation of the South West Sydney Limb Preservation and Wound Research Academic Unit to investigate diabetic foot wounds.

Dr Matthew Malone, the Director of Research for the Unit, said, “We are incredibly excited to receive the honour of this grant and aim to use it to undergo research that truly makes a difference to save limbs and lives not only in South West Sydney but across the nation and the globe“

Dr Malone went on to say “The vision of the academic unit is two-fold. Firstly, to become world leaders in the respective fields of limb preservation and wound research through undertaking high-quality sustainable research through nurturing local talent. And secondly, translate our research findings into improving the care of people in South Western Sydney (locally) and more widely at a global level.

“By achieving our vision we hope to reduce avoidable amputations, excel and be leaders in limb preservation and wound research and improve the quality of life of people in South West Sydney and wider”, Dr Malone concluded.

South Western Sydney LHD said they recognised the importance of addressing local health needs, and as such this has highlighted the requirement to invest substantially in limb preservation and wound research. Researchers in South Western Sydney have a reputation for high quality health research that improves the health outcomes of people living in the local communities of South West Sydney. The health district has demonstrated a commitment to building upon the high-quality research undertaken in South Western Sydney, in addition to developing the infrastructure which underpins the ability to undertake any form of health associated research.

We at DFA congratulate Matthew and his team for such a wonderful achievement and we hope this is one of several similar investments in diabetic foot research and clinical practice across many more regions of Australia over the next few years to bring us closer to ending avoidable amputations in a generation.

If you have had similar success and want to get the news out to the rest of the Australian diabetic foot community please let us know here