Speaker Announcement – Dr Jaap van Netten PhD

Jaap_vanNetten DFA 2017 Conference

Announcing international expert speaker Dr.Jaap van Netten, Ph.D., from the Netherlands.

Dr Jaap van Netten is a human movement scientist from the Netherlands, specialized in clinical research on foot problems, most notably in people with diabetes. His scientific work has so far resulted in 50+ publications and obtaining >1.5 million dollar in research funding. Van Netten is also the secretary of the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot Editorial Board and its Prevention Working Group. In these roles he is co-authoring the evidence-based international consensus guidance on the prevention and management of foot problems in diabetes. The latest version of this guidance has been launched in May 2015 during the International Diabetic Foot Symposium in The Hague; the road to the next update in 2019 has already started.

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