The Twelve Weeks of Christmas Healing Down Under

Well ladies and gentleman, what a year it’s been for our Australian diabetic foot community. This year has been one of the biggest and best this nation has ever seen when it comes to diabetic foot disease.

It’s seen the biggest diabetic foot conference ever held in the Southern Hemisphere on the sunny Gold Coast, as top of the bill after many What’s New in DFU education events. An all-encompassing Australian diabetes-related foot disease strategy was finally published. And of course many, many new Australian studies came out and were summarized right here, amongst many other highlights.

Yet, even with such a successful year, way too many of our fellow Australians still unnecessarily lose their limbs and lives because of preventable diabetic foot disease. So at this time of year for reflection we thought what would our Australian diabetic foot community wish for Christmas in 2017 and beyond?

And, as the evidence-based advocates we are, we found a partial answer for our clinical problem in a diabetic foot article. The article was published in the British Medical Journal a few years ago and was entitled ‘The 10 commandments of the diabetic foot’! Now we have taken a little artistic liberty (or perhaps clinical) from this excellent paper and made some “minor” festive modifications.

So based on the evidence, here are our wishes for our 50,000 fellow Australians with active diabetic foot disease this Christmas. We call this, ‘The Twelve Weeks of Christmas Healing Down Under’ Click here to enjoy!

We hope you concur with our Christmas wishes ladies and gentleman.

Before you go, and if you didn’t think your work was important and rewarding enough after that: did you know Santa has had previous diabetic foot ulcers and Charcot joints?

If you look closely enough he’s actually wearing two black CROW walkers!

Think about it for a second: male, 60-70 years old, large waist circumference, poor diet, increased alcohol intake, always on his feet, jumping in and out of sleighs, carrying heavy sacks, doesn’t complain, always thinking and caring for others but not himself …………. See it all makes sense now doesn’t it?!

And with that ladies and gentleman, we are off for 2017! We look forward to working with you in 2018 in what we think may just be an even bigger and better year than 2017 on our journey to end avoidable amputations in a generation.

Wishing you and your patients a wonderfully festive and safe break with your families.

Merry Xmas All and To All Good Night

From DFA