Welcome to DFA’s National Diabetes Week!

DFA diabetes week bannerNational Diabetes Week 2016 kicks off today. Diabetes Feet Australia will highlight the growing burden of foot disease in people with diabetes throughout this week.

DFA provides you with special daily updates that include the release of new information for our key stakeholders: patients, health professionals, researchers and industry. We’ve got a big week in store!

As today marks the first day of National Diabetes Week, we release an updated version of our popular ‘Canberra’ infographic.

The infographic highlights some alarming new statistics in light of recent Australian research:

  • Total number of Australians with diabetic foot disease has increased from 300,000 to 380,000 people
  • We now know that 4 people die daily as a result of diabetic foot disease
  • Hospitalisations have increased hugely – previously there were 500-600 people in hospital each night, now nearly 1000 people are in hospital each night – which is the total capacity of Canberra’s hospitals 
  • We now know that the conservative cost of hospitalisations is approximately $1 million dollars PER DAY

Click HERE to download the updated infographic for free!