New series in “DFA Guides you through” – Australian and International Guidelines

After our previous “DFA Guides you through series” on the special issue in DMRR journal, we’re back in the coming weeks with a new series discussing the Australian and International Guidelines on the prevention and management of foot complications in diabetes.

In 2011, the latest Australian guidelines were published, whereas the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) released an update in 2015. With all the new evidence from the last four years, it is inevitable that both guidelines differ. But what exactly are the differences and similarities, and who has time to sit down and read them both?

DFA will guide you through both guidelines in the coming weeks, and touch on their history, development, contents with regard to prevention and management, research directions and guideline implementation.

To follow this new series, keep an eye out on our twitter account and the latest research page of the DFA website.