New research on diabetes-related foot disease is published on an almost daily basis. Keeping track of what is out there and finding the time to read seems a near impossible job at times. DFA aims to provide summaries on latest research from around the globe and nationally to keep you up-to-date.

What’s new in research in August

Aug 6, 2021

It’s been a busy few weeks for DFD research – so grab yourself a cuppa and check out the latest that has been released below! Management of diabetes-related foot disease in the outpatient setting during the COVID-19 pandemic Pang B, Shah PM, Manning L, Ritter JC, Hiew J, Hamilton EJ. The use of telephone and/or…

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Latest DFD research released in May

May 20, 2021

Check out the latest in DFD research released in the last two weeks! Release of the National Scheme’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Cultural Safety Strategy 2020-2025; the impacts for podiatry in Australia: a commentary Gerrard JM, Godwin S, Chuter V, Munteanu SE, West M, Hawke F. In 2020, the Australian Health Practitioner…

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Topical oxygen therapy for diabetes related foot ulcers

May 4, 2021

Check out the latest research from the last two weeks! Topical oxygen therapy for diabetes-related foot ulcers: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Thanigaimani S, Singh T, Golledge J. Topical oxygen therapy (TOT) has been suggested as a treatment for diabetes-related foot ulcer (DFU) but no prior meta-analyses of randomised clinical trials (RCT) have been reported.…

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Latest Aussie DFD research released in April

Apr 13, 2021

It’s been a busy month for DFD research so far in April – so check out the latest in research below! Availability and service provision of multidisciplinary diabetes foot units in Australia: a cross-sectional survey Vo UG, Gilfillan M, Hamilton EJ, Manning L, Munshi B, Hiew J, Norman PE, Ritter JC. With growing global prevalence…

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Efficacy of topical cadexomer iodine treatment in chronic wounds

Feb 17, 2021

Check out the latest research out this week! Effects of training podiatrists to use imagery-based motivational interviewing when treating people with diabetes-related foot disease: a mixed-methods pilot study. Kaczmarek T, Van Netten JJ, Lazzarini PA, Kavanagh D. This was the first study on training podiatrists to conduct imagery-based motivational interviewing (MI) when treating people with…

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The Latest in Aussie Research

Feb 10, 2021

Check out the latest in Aussie research released last week! Utilisation of the 2019 IWGDF diabetic foot infection guidelines to benchmark practice and improve the delivery of care in persons with diabetic foot infections. Malone M, Erasmus A, Schwarzer S, Lau NS, Ahmad M, Dickson HG. To utilise the 2019 International Working Group on the…

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Diabetes-related foot disease in Australia: a systematic review

Feb 2, 2021

Check out the latest releases in Aussie DFD research by clicking on the below links! Diabetes-related foot disease in Australia: a systematic review of the prevalence and incidence of risk factors, disease and amputation in Australian populations. Zhang Y, van Netten JJ, Baba M, Cheng Q, Pacella R, McPhail SM, Cramb S, Lazzarini PA. We…

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What’s new in Aussie DFD Research!

Jan 27, 2021

January has so far been a busy month for new Aussie DFD research!  So click on the following links to check out the latest abstracts from around the country. Temporal Trends in Incident Hospitalization for Diabetes-Related Foot Ulcer in Type 2 Diabetes: The Fremantle Diabetes Study. Hamilton EJ, Davis WA, Siru R, Baba M, Norman…

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The globe’s diabetic foot print is big and getting bigger

Mar 12, 2020

Ever wondered how big the global diabetic foot disease burden really is? Or how many people have diabetic foot complications? Or even if the diabetic foot print is getting bigger in a certain nation? Well wonder no more! A new Australian-led study has published the first estimates of the global, regional and national numbers for…

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Calf stretching alone does not reduce plantar pressures

Oct 31, 2019

A very nice new Australian study has reported that calf muscle stretching alone in people with diabetes does not increase their ankle range of motion nor reduce their forefoot plantar pressures. This RCT – led by Dr Angela Searle and Prof Viv Chuter from the University of Newcastle – randomised 68 people with diabetes and…

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